DFC Mexico City: Treasures from the Mushi Mushi Collection


Tony Moxham and Mauricio Paniagua, the duo behind DFC Mexico City, recently returned from an exotic trip to the People's Republic of Mushi Mushi. At last week's New York International Gift Fair, they exhibited a most quirky series of objects, inspired by their travels to this fantastical land. Here's what Tony had to say about the Treasures from the Mushi Mushi Collection:

"The idea of working with a fantasy country such as Mushi Mushi was propelled by the idea of finding a place rich in artisans, hand-crafts, and magic. Most of the collection was hand-painted by Mauricio and myself, with a lot of inspiration from abstract expressionism, tribal face-painting and art, Japanese youth, African, Asian and Caribbean textiles and decoration, Communist Cuban graphics and '68 Mexico Olympics graphics, Romanov excess and beauty and Gatsby era white-ness (in terms of interiors, eccentric aristocracy and fashion)."


Eccentric turns out to be a rather appropriate word for describing DFC's latest work. Wacky, far-out and hallucinatory are other words that spring to mind when first viewing pieces such as the Baby Something (above), a hand-glazed ceramic sculpture that retails for $349, or the Grasshopper Table (left), a resin-coated, hand painted iron table for $1,955. Not surprisingly, these mirthful designs caught most everyone's attention at the fair. Tony and Mauricio even bagged best design in show for the Grasshopper Table.

More treasures after the jump.

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Peace Rhino


Rainbow Hare


Big Bear Blackboard