DFC Design: Sexy Robot Super-Universe


DFC is a Mexico City based product design studio comprised of Tony Moxham and Mauricio Paniagua. The pair relocated to Mexico after an extensive tenure in New York (Tony working in art direction and journalism, Maurice in painting) with the intention of opening a boutique hotel or bar. Traveling the countryside, they quickly discovered a wealth of regional artisans and soon shifted their focus to design. With a broad collection ranging from dinnerware and glassware, to ceramics and furniture, DFC produces some truly eccentric work, all the while utilizing the impressive skills of Mexican craftspeople.

Recently, the pair embarked on a droid-themed collection called Sexy Robot Super-Universe which Tony described as being inspired by such broad themes as science-fiction, Memphis, club kids, glam, iconic robot women, and bionics. In keeping with the futurist motif, the new series employs pearlescent glazes in the ceramic pieces (Sexy Robot Friends, below), and glitzy Swarovski Crystals on the Koonsian recycled glass sculpture Showgirl (above right, click images for detail).



The DD Sisters (right), so named for their breast size, are the most literal in the sexy series. They're also remarkably difficult to produce. Fabricated with Chaquira beading techniques, wherein very small colored beads are pressed into a layer of wax to create patterns, a hand-beaded piece can take weeks to complete.

DFC's designs can be purchased through their website. Select objects can be found at The Future Perfect in Brooklyn, and Moss in Manhattan.

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