Discommon Goods Lowball Glass

A tumbler designed for enhancing your whisky-drinking experience

Fresh off the launch of their Watch Wallet,

Discommon Goods announced today, 15 July 2015, their ergonomically designed aluminum Lowball Whisky Tumbler and it’s different from any other whisky glass you’ve seen.

Unlike traditional glass whisky tumblers, theirs is made with machined aerospace-grade aluminum and anodized for durability and longevity, two of the values that Discommon seeks when crafting their products. While the material and hand-countered indentation lend the tumbler a modern looking edge, traditional design elements are kept intact—etching on the outside adds some flair and functionality, providing a very tactile, easy-to-grip surface, and the interior’s hourglass shape provides a nod to traditional snifters.

The Discommon team knows a lot about whisky and enjoys drinking it. Thus, they felt they could improve the experience with The Lowball Whisky Tumbler, and it does feel great cradled in your hand. It has a small lip that prevents dripping and is coated so you don’t taste any metal along with your single malt.

Designed and manufactured in California, The Lowball Whisky Tumbler is available for purchase for $280 from Discommon.

Images by Josh Rubin