Dusen Dusen Home Collection

A colorful, comfortable third collection of pillows, towels and more

Known for their bright, playful designs, Brooklyn-based Dusen Dusen has just released its third Home Collection and, as expected, it’s bold but comfortable. Inspired by the brain’s reaction to movement, color, and contrast, founder and designer Ellen Van Dusen consistently creates busy, colorful patterns that don’t ever seem to overwhelm. She says, “Over the years I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t; where I can go a little wilder with color and pattern and where I need to tone it down.”

This new collection features some of her brightest towels, larger bedding prints and throws that are woven now instead of knitted. She tells us, about the larger prints, “Due to the size of the silkscreens they use to print the fabrics there’s a limitation to how big the actual repeat can be. I think the most successful prints are those where you can’t find the repeat, and working with a larger scale in a fixed dimension was a challenge. I spent a lot of hours testing different options. It’s my favorite kind of challenge though—slightly math-y and technical but also freeform and design-y.” Working on the collection for about a year—from start to finish—Van Dusen says there were a lot of samples being sent back and forth, in order to reach a result she was happy with.

“I like homes that are contemporary and refined while still being comfortable and approachable,” she says. “I’m never at ease in a setting where I feel like I’ll mess something up by sitting on the couch or leaving my keys on the table. So I think I was channeling that mindset—considered and modern while still relatable and personal.” The collection is made up of throws, bed linen, towels, pillows, rugs and even pet beds—all of which are vibrant and cheerful. Whether decking out an entire home in Dusen Dusen or adding a piece here and there, a spirited mood is provoked. As Van Dusen concludes, “I like the idea of people expressing themselves through the things I’ve made, so if someone can say, this yellow and orange pillow makes this gray couch feel more like me, I’ve done my job.”

Images courtesy of Dusen Dusen