Electricity-Free Air Conditioning, Powered by Terracotta

Created by Yael Issacharov, the Nave Air Conditioning system is a wall made from terracotta that can cool a room without electricity. The design is inspired by jarrah, a traditional Palestinian drinking water container (made from the same material) that is hung to cool the water and living space. Because clay is porous, water filters out through the pores and evaporates via the heat from the water. As this happens, heat transfers out of the water, cooling the material and thus the room at large. Issacharov utilizes this phenomenon by turning the jarrah into modular, active walls that hold water. Scalable and locally resourced, the sustainable system can get any room to around 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 30-70% humidity, including in the desert where it works especially well. Learn more about the clever system at Fast Company.

Image by Francesco m Lucini/courtesy Yael Issacharov