Eva Zeisel at Room & Board

The modernist porcelain maestro teams up with KleinReid for a collection of vases and prints

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In 1999, James Klein and David Reid of ceramics design firm KleinReid approached living legend Eva Zeisel about a possible collaboration. The fruits of their labor—limited edition archival prints and vases—now sell from Room & Board. Born in Hungary in 1906, Zeisel’s long career has inspired many artists and fans though the years.

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For the KleinReid Collection, Zeisel designed two vase trios. The first features three curved porcelain vases hand-glazed in white, curved so that they fit together. The second, three vases covered in a yellow satin glaze, have retro-fresh appeal that speaks to KleinReid’s ethos for excellence in porcelain. The vases range from $69 to $150.


In addition to the ceramics, Zeisel designed a series of prints, “The Lovers’ Suite Collection.” Printed on 100% archival cotton paper, numbered and signed, and framed in white aluminum frames, the prints consist of four designs: Sprouts in orange, Swans in teal, Tulips in gray, and Wings in yellow. They sell for $300 a piece.


Produced at the KleinReid studio in New York, the prints and vases sell online from Room & Board, as well as at their stores.