Evelin Kasikov

Craft meets illustration in a London designer's embroidered CMYK "prints"

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In an age when most graphic designers choose pixels over paintbrushes, Evelin Kasikov uses cross-stitch embroidery to create images based on CMYK printing. While still a masters student at Central St. Martins, the London-based designer made her name with the technique, integrating traditional craft with modern technology to explore various perceptions of different visual messages.


The process of translating conventional halftone images by using CMYK-colored cotton threads naturally led to commissions from the likes of Wired and the New York Times Magazine.

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Newer work focuses on book binding using the cross-stitch method, a project the experimental designer plans develop further in the future, along with explorations into optical illusions and moire patterns as a means of discovering new tactile techniques.

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A London show, running 14-28 May 2010 with jeweler An Alleweireldt and called “Crafts Meets Music,” will highlight the duo’s individual achievements while also presenting new works.