Everything-in-One Dog Collar

Train, track and manage your pet's activities with this connected device


There are plenty of beautiful dog collars on the market that reflect a range of styles and cross a range of price point. And yet, there’s nothing quite like DogTelligent’s recently announced Connected Collar. It’s stylish to a degree—in the way that most wearables are—but it’s also waterproof and durable. The features within, however, take it to a new level of protection and awareness. DogTelligent’s team designed the piece with Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled functionality, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s also GPS- and cellular-activated (with an estimated at $4.95 per month plan). And this allows for the next dimension of dog monitoring.


The collar’s connectivity, coupled with a speaker system embedded in the collar, makes it easy for owners to locate missing dogs, and also speak to them while en route. The Connected Collar smartphone app allows for a myriad of functions, including humane leash and fencing, both of which bank on a designated spatial zone either at home or when outdoors. Users can declare how big that zone is, and it’s enforced by ultrasonic sounds and a cutting-edge virtual leash tug. These features can also be employed for training, with a series of whistle tones for everything from bark control to more dynamic lessons.


Rounding out the attributes are the fitness tracking capabilities. It’s easy to monitor pet activity, set goals, track and even receive suggestions on increasing activity. There’s really nothing this comprehensive on the market, and while pet owners might not employ all the features, many are handy for safety and security at the minimum. You can still snag the Dogtelligent Connected Collar on Indiegogo for the early bird price of $80.

Images courtesy of DogTelligent