Eyes On The Horizon by MCM and Craig & Karl

The transatlantic graphic design duo collaborate on a refreshing summer collection of leather goods

MCM_CraigKarl_1.jpg MCM_CraigKarl_2.jpg

Comprised of the combined talents of Craig Redman and Karl Maier, transatlantic illustration and design duo Craig & Karl has collaborated with South Korean luxury leather goods brand MCM (Mode Creation Munich) to create a limited edition spring/summer collection of products sporting brightly colored pop graphics. The collection, entitled Eyes on the Horizon, includes backpacks, pouches, document cases, shoppers and more—all of which are adorned with MCM’s recognizable logo, plus oversized glasses-themed graphics courtesy of Craig & Karl.

craig-karl-mcm-10.jpg craig-karl-mcm-11.jpg

“We really like how the graphics sit over the monogram,” Maier told CH. “It takes something quite traditional and makes it very modern. The aim of this collection was to evoke a sunny optimism,” he continues, “kind of recalling sun-kissed vacations and the youthful excitement of an endless summer. We wanted to keep the overall feel fun and fresh. There weren’t any restrictions with regard to color, but we opted to limit it in order to keep it bold and iconic.”

craig-karl-mcm-13.jpg craig-karl-mcm-12.jpg

Along with the collection itself, which will be available at MCM stores around the world and luxury department stores like Harrods, Craig & Karl also created a short promo video in tribute to the frivolity of summertime adventures.

Images courtesy of Craig & Karl