Fang Studio’s Nesting Matryoshka Chair


Dutch designer Danny Fang, having recently made the transcontinental leap from Amsterdam to Hong Kong to set up his own studio, is one to watch. Just launched, his first design under the Fang Studio label, the Matryoshka Chair, was inspired by the traditional Russian dolls that fit perfectly inside one another. “The poetry of the Matryoshka dolls is their resemblance to people; they are all very similar, but none of them are the same,†Fang explains.


Produced in collaboration with the Malaysian furniture company Kian, this set of outdoor furniture includes two chairs and two stools made from woven polyethylene fiber and an aluminum frame. The materials make for an amazingly lightweight set; all the pieces stacked together only weigh 22kgs.

Marrying the technological materials with handcrafted form, Fang injects texture and context into his industrial design work. After working for many years as a senior designer at Marcel Wanders Studio in Holland, this promising start to his new solo project sees Danny Fang moving out from under Wander’s large shadow and into the spotlight.