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Farewell to the Plastic Bags of NYC

While the single-use plastic bag ban in New York (instated 1 March) is undeniably necessary, the bags’ kitsch designs have become synonymous with the city. Graphic designer Sho Shibuya collected more than 200 different types of bags over several years and photographed some of his favorite designs, sharing them with The New York Times. “In treasuring things other people consider trash, Shibuya cites a Shinto belief that every object has a spirit. ‘We believe every single object has a god inside, and that’s why we cherish things. Even a plastic bag, even a cigarette butt,'” he tells them. From smiley faces to banners exclaiming “Thank you!” and purple roses, the familiar bags are similar but varied. Shibuya adds, “there is an informal taxonomy to New York City’s plastic bags, apparent to anyone paying attention.” Read more at The New York Times.

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