Freestyle Magazine


I discovered the unusually frisbee-shaped Freestyle Magazine in my favorite bookshop, Athenaeum Boekhandel, on a recent trip to Amsterdam. Focused on fashion, design, art, architecture, lifestyle and frisbees, Berlin-based fashion photographer Jason McGlade created Freestyle for those who share his uninhibited spirit.


In a world of rectangular publications, not only does Freestyle Magazine's circular shape set it apart, but so does its package design. A high quality, limited edition Wham-O sports disc Frisbee designed by a selected artist houses each issue. The premiere issue, a series of copies each sold inside a Frisbee designed by Eley Kishimoto, comes in five colorways. Both the magazines and Frisbees make collector's items for the design-savvy worldwide.


To purchase the magazine, visit the Freestyle Magazine site. See more images after the jump.