Design-Driven, 3D-Printed Lighting Options From Gantri

Modern lamps from various designers, available at affordable prices

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Frequently, cost inhibits the purchase of future-forward design items for the home. Breaking through this barrier, online lighting marketplace Gantri gives consumers access to the work of numerous award-winning designers at undeniably reasonable prices. This pertains to the fact that their exclusive roster of 30+ products are 3D-printed upon purchase. But Gantri isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a platform for emerging designs, an R&D facility for advancements in 3D-printing, and a development center for sustainable materials.

Founder Ian Yang’s impetus came from considering design as an industry, and observing the exclusion many emerging designers met. Noting that the bulk of expenses in traditional production goes toward engineering, Yang began to pursue alternatives. He sought to revolutionize the manufacturing process to reduce cost. With a tech background and a passion for numerous design disciplines, Yang built Gantri. Now, the brand—both a marketplace and producer—develops material beyond corn-based bioplastics, while also partnering with new designers.

In addition to furthering their material and printing expertise, Gantri is working to develop new colors, too. And more lighting categories are on their way. Right now though, one can already purchase diverse works from international designers. From Brooklyn-based Hannah Fink‘s popular Iceberg Lamp to Swiss industrial designer Filippo Mambretti‘s Dulce Lamp, there’s much to love. All of the products are manufactured in California and come with high-quality, fully-dimmable LEDs. Purchase to delivery takes roughly 12 weeks. Perhaps most important of all, designers can apply to launch their works with the platform.

Explore all of Gantri’s options online, where products start at $98.

Images courtesy of Gantri