Geo Birdhouse by Kelly Lamb

by Laura Neilson


The birdhouse, most often found outside country cabins and other rurally-situated homes, just got updated for the city. L.A.-based designer Kelly Lamb's new geo birdhouse is a sleek new abode for any urban wren, finch or warbler.

Developed throughout the mid-1900s, geodesic domes are most commonly associated with the architect R. Buckminster Fuller, who hoped to popularize them enough to offer a quick and low-cost utopian-like solution to the post-war housing crisis. Known for their aerodynamic, "omnitriangulated" shape, the structures are incredibly strong, despite being free of structural supports. Today the domes are common sights at temporary events such as Nevada's Burning Man Festival.

Multi-media artist Lamb is perhaps most visibly known for her ad campaign collaborations for brands such as Coca Cola, Heineken and Salvatore Ferragamo. While her use of geodesic design also includes a disco ball, Lamb's all-white ceramic birdhouse is an appropriate tribute to Fuller and his intentions for geodesic living. "I do have a fascination with geodesic domes, spheres and faceted things in general, as I feel they reference some sort of abstract eternity," Lamb says. "Each season [the birdhouse] can be occupied by a different bird, which plays into the communal living philosophy that was present during this time period."

The birdhouse can be viewed at Areaware's online site, however it won't be available for purchase until May.

Available for pre-order at Areaware for $95.