Granny Tunes

Soften up hard music with a hand-knit iPod case

by Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi


Love having all your Townes Van Zandt tracks at your fingertips but can’t stand the iPod’s shiny exterior? Enter Granny Tunes, a hand-knit case that covers the musical device with lacy looks. Seizing on fashion’s enduring neo-boho obsession, the macramé-like design is fetching enough to charm younger patrons and not just grandmas rocking iPods. The snuggly pouch, available in neutral palettes (white, beige, khaki), weaves style, function and culture together, playfully embracing the vogue for knitting grannies while building on traditional modes of Greek lace-making.

gifl-grannytunes-2.jpg gifl-grannytunes-3.jpg

Granny Tunes sells online from Greece is for Lovers for €55.