Grove WoodPrint Case

Personalized iPhone cases milled and hand-finished from premium hardwood

by Adrienne So


The options are almost limitless when it comes to decorating and protecting your iPhone. But when it comes to creating a case that’s truly one of a kind, it’s hard to do better than Grove’s new WoodPrint case for the iPhone 5 and new 5s. Starting today, customers can upload their own images and Instagram photos to Grove’s website, where—once a design templet is selected—they will be printed on the hardwood cases with an astonishing degree of detail.


Located in Portland, Oregon, Grove makes laser-etched cases for the iPhone 4 and 5, iPads and MacBooks from natural materials such as premium bamboo and maple; they also make laser-etched leather covers that are compatible with Moleskine notebooks. If customers opt out of using Instagram photos, other designs can be selected from one of Grove’s hand-picked artists. Each wooden case is hand-sanded in Grove’s workshop and finished with an oil and wax blend.

Starting today, 10 September, the WoodPrint Case is available for $99. For more information, check Grove’s website.

Images by Adrienne So