Grow Bottle

Upcycled hydrogardens for the home


Part of Potting Shed Creations’ new line of products coming Sring 2011, the Grow Bottle makes hydroponic herb farming compact and easy to do indoors year-round.

Potting Shed Creations prides itself on its sustainable, forward-thinking gardening products. The Grow Bottle, upcycled and composed completely of sourced and re-purposed materials, is no exception. They make the containers from reclaimed, cut wine bottles, a choice of materials that translates as an attractive and socially-aware design model. Included seeds are certified organic with selections ranging from basil to mint.


Designed to be reused, after enjoying your freshly grown herbs, simply rinse out the system and replant with your own seeds or any of the organic replant kits offered by Potting Shed Creations. The Grow Bottle and Replant Kits will be available this spring for $35 and $6 respectively.