Handmade Towels

Five beautifully handcrafted towels to spruce up your morning routine


The new year has us updating our old routines around the house, and fresh linens seem like one of the easiest ways to make a clean start. This week, we’ve gathered up five beautifully crafted towels to help spruce up the bath and get us going on cold mornings. To round out our week of selections (all listed below), we chose an American-made classic, linen bath towels from Brahms Mount.

Brahms Mount linens are made in Maine using the same, hand-operated shuttle looms that powered the state’s booming textile industry at the turn of the 20th century. Restored lovingly by Noel and Claudia Brahms, these looms are responsible for creating Brahms Mount signature thick, flat weave bath linens. The genius of these towels is in their absorbency and their slightly heavy weight, which makes them great for wrapping up even during winter’s worst.

Brahms Mount’s bath linens come in a variety of colors and can be purchased through Brahms Mount’s website for $133.


Kara Weaves

Made of thorthu, a type of fabric native to Kerala, India, these colorful cotton towels have a unique double strand flat weave that makes them incredibly durable, quick drying and compact for travel.

Dar Gitane

These simply decorated and deceptively thick blockrib weave towels employ traditional weaving techniques from a collective on the coast of South Africa.


Handwoven in Imabari, Japan, a town known for its linens, the Yoshii towel is a delightful combination of traditional and contemporary.

Jennifer’s Hamam

Jennifer’s Hamam’s Turkish pestemels are made from organic cotton and handwoven on traditional looms for lightweight sheets that feel supremely smooth.

Images by Kat Herriman