I Am Plastic


Creepy yet cute, artist-designed and utterly collectible, the designer toy phenomenon is an accurate barometer of currents in pop culture over the last several years. Kidrobot, the most familiar name in the movement, has literally wrote the book on the subject with this month's release of I Am Plastic, a new hardcover that visually traces the nearly decade-old niche culture. Divided into sections by geographical origin, the book celebrates the Warholian spirit driving these kinds of objects with artist interviews and an informative intro by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz. But the real treat is page after page of photos of the toys themselves. From the sinister-looking, haute couture line commissioned by Barney's to Frank Kozik's renowned smoking bunny, the anthology is jam-packed with the abundance of inspiration in the bizarrely wonderful world of vinyl toys. Pick it up from Amazon.