IOOI Hookah

Christian Zanzotti's futuristic yet effective reenvisioning of the classic waterpipe

1001-hookah-1.jpg 1001-hookah-2.jpg

With a simple, ultra-modern presentation, designer Christian Zanzotti has vibrantly reimagined what we know to be a waterpipe. His IOOI modern hookah incorporates 3D printed parts, anodized aluminum, glass and polished brass flourishes, forming a functional sculpture. The design is provocative and forward thinking, while the manufacturing is done entirely in Germany with precision and attention to detail.

Only one year ago, Zanzotti opened his design studio in Munich. He was focusing on products, furniture and concept vehicles when “someone actually commissioned me to make a design for a hookah,” he explains to CH. What began as a request turned into an immersion into the world of waterpipes, driven by the designer’s own wonder over what a modern hookah could look like. “This is the outcome,” he notes, “it’s an experiment on how far you could go, how extreme and modern you can be, while staying realistic.” The upshot is a beautiful hookah, with rocket-ship inspiration all crafted from high-quality materials.

You can purchase the IOOI hookah
online for €499. Each is a unique piece, built on request.

Images courtesy of Christian Zanzotti