Designer Jarl Fernaeus

by Richard Prime


Stockholm-based Jarl Fernaeus works full-time as a graphic designer and art director, an occupation which feeds into his latest furniture and product range.

Citing typography as a key influence in the development of his works, he says "I think it's important to find the right balance of the things I produce," says Fernaeus. "It must have a clear expression of form while being charged with energy. At the same time I want things to work together and be used in a home or office over time without users tiring of them," he continues, showing an eye for longevity as well as form.


The collection covers many bases including the clean lines of his Redux Chair, which sits happily in multiple locations, whether in an office, kitchen, meeting room or in commercial locations such as restaurants or bars. It comes in a simple white version or slightly more upmarket black version with hand-stitched leather upholstery.

Fernaeus' well-executed sideboard features a Corian upper that contrasts the powder-coated sheet-metal detailing with industrial references. Continuing the industrial feel, the Naked Lamp also uses the same laser-cut sheet metal and powder coating.


Like many brands and companies this year, with Naked, the designer developed an office lamp that would easily transfer into a bedroom or sitting room as a table lamp.

Fernaeus' coat stand too shares a similar aesthetic with the rest of the line, allowing a little continuation for those who want to give some connectivity to their apartment or office.

Fernaeus' strong collection makes him another promising designer from the land of the clean line who might well be advised to give up his day job.