Kitterly Knitting and Crochet Kits

Using technology to match makers and their skill levels with preassembled packages


Worth more than $3 billion a year, the knitting and crochet industry is no laughing matter, and you’d be mistaken for thinking it’s not high on Silicon Valley’s list of things to update. As such, Kitterly is a DIY, tech-focused platform that matches “makers” to kits—sort of like Netflix’s suggested section, except for knitting and crochet.

Kitterly’s focus is to bring the right products to the right consumers. (Research estimates around 40% of knits go unfinished because the consumer gets frustrated or has picked a pattern that was too difficult.) The premise is simple: using proprietary algorithms, Kitterly aids a user in selecting the best project for him or her based on a number of criteria including experience, difficulty level, project type and time required, along with a large array of updates scheduled to pop up during the coming months.


“Launching saw us connect 50,000 unique lines of data, from the patterns, the yarn, the needles and notions and all the sizes and material variations available. It was… intense,” outlines Mari Bower, CEO/CTO and co-founder of Kitterly. A bespoke technology platform that dynamically bundles the kits enables Kitterly to respond quickly to current fashion, new materials and demand in a way that has previously not been possible. And with over 400 unique projects available at launch, there’s is surely something or everyone.


“We’re constantly refining the algorithm based on feedback from the community. Working only with vetted designers that write quality patterns people can actually finish ensures a level of quality that hasn’t previously been available,” Bower continues. “We want to ensure our customers avoid stumbling into them and end up frustrated with another UFO (Unfinished Object).”

Currently working with established independent designers, Kitterly is highlighting the DIY movement that has risen from the Etsy/Pinterest generation. The team also plans to expand the focus to eventually include jewelry, sewing and home DIY. Explore all of Kitterly‘s projects online.

Images courtesy of Kitterly