Digital Knitting Machine, Kniterate

On Kickstarter now, an invention that turns your designs into garments

Aspiring fashion designers can now attempt to produce their own knitwear with a clever digital knitting machine currently funding on Kickstarter. Already fully-funded with $287,000 and still 32 days to go (at time of publish), well over their $100k goal, Kniterate automatically turns users’ designs into garments—from sweaters to scarves and even shoes.

Similar to an industry-level machine, Kniterate is computer-controlled. With six yarn carriers and 408 transfer needles, the machine is able to create fairly complex designs—from patterns to words and more. However, unlike professional knitting machines, this new tool costs much less.

Perhaps the most impressive and user-friendly feature isn’t the machine itself, rather the software. Compatible with Mac and Windows, the software is still in development (it’s functional but needs the final details ironed out), but will be ready to ship along with the Kniterate. Essentially, the software makes designing super-easy with existing templates, but users can also start their designs from scratch.

Available for a pledge of $4,700 on Kickstarter, Kniterate is a great investment for a young designer or an enthusiast with some pocket money to spare for their creative endeavors.

Images courtesy of Kniterate