Last-Minute Gifts Still Available to Ship

Our shopping list for procrastinating buyers, still set to arrive in time for the holidays

Many on our staff apply the journalist’s deadline-minded plan of action to Christmas shopping, so we can sympathize with the procrastinators out there. That said, we’ve gone through our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide to collect a varied selection of items that all have one thing in common: expedited delivery. Order now and you’ll get your items with time to spare before the big day.


Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York, 1989-92

In this wild and vivid book, documentary photographer Chantal Regnault captures the New York City ball culture of the late ’80s and early ’90s. This hardcover edition features hundreds of pictures from the heart of the “Voguing” scene, and is perfect for fans of Jennie Livingston’s documentary film “Paris Is Burning.”

Chuck Close Self-Portrait

The piece that launched artist Chuck Close into art-world fame, this photorealist self-portrait was made using airbrushed black acrylic paint. Available from the Walker Art Gallery’s shop, this decorative item will add a splash of contemporary culture to any home


Coach Foie Gras Tote

Designed by Fashion Foie Gras blogger Emily Johnston, this city tote pops with accents of old-school-preppy flair. The American-born editor hoped to bring a bit of transatlantic style to her adopted city of London with this bag from Coach.

Freehands Gloves

Both stylish and smartphone friendly, these gloves come in a range of colors and styles, with the option for either fold-back thumb and index finger tips or silver conductive thread knit into the wool. Allowing the wearer easy access to their touch screen devices, they are available for both men and women in wool, cashmere and fleece. For a 20% discount, enter the promotion code COOLHUNTING at checkout.


Ren Shower Trio

Collaborating with de Gournay for the holiday season, Ren’s gift sets feature gorgeous packaging from de Gournay’s Japanese and Korean hand-painted wallpaper designs. The unique scents stimulate the imagination with Moroccan Rose, Neroli and Grapefruit, and Seaweed and Sage body washes.

Wishbone Bikes

These adorable wooden bikes were dreamed up by a couple who wanted to provide their children with an exciting reason to spend time outdoors. The bikes are a 3-in-1 system, accommodating the child’s learning process with the ability to transform from a tricycle to a bicycle.

Last_minute_gifts4a.jpg Last_minute_gifts4b.jpg
Rablab’s Colored Agate Coasters

Cut from a slab of colored agate, each of these coasters bring an authentic chunk of volcanic material into your home. In parts of Africa, legend has it that agate has healing powers to cure snake bites and scorpion stings. Whether or not you spend much time around poisonous critters, you’ll have an array of jewel-toned accessories to start the conversation at your next cocktail party.

4505 Meats

Based in San Francisco’s Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, 4505 Meats offers market fresh, handmade meat products. The “sausage to your doorstep” service delivers fresh links in a sealed cooler bag, perfect for a winter time house party.