Leatherman Grind

Legendary skateboarder Arto Saari helps design the ideal skateboard tool


The diagnosis of dangerously loose hardware—when you realize your skateboard feels squirrelier than ever but you’re, no doubt, far from home—often leaves you no choice but to ask a stranger to borrow a screwdriver and wrench. To make sure you’re not stuck in this awkward situation ever again, master toolmaker Leatherman recently teamed up with skateboard legend Arto Saari to develop a skate tool small enough carry every day. The Grind weighs just under two ounces and is made of two thin yet strong interlocking stainless steel pieces containing eight tools.


Each piece holds four cut-out tools—everything from a screwdriver, 3/8″ wrench and 1/4″ hex key for hardware to a 9/16″ kingpin wrench, bottle opener and even grip tape file.
While we hold an unreasonable allegiance to the storied T tool, there’s no doubt the Grind is considerably more comprehensive, functional and packable. Plus Arto backs it, which is a seriously valid endorsement. Find Grind now from Leatherman online for $20.

Images by Graham Hiemstra