Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Ray Bradbury's library love, Umami Burger's sauce shop, Venus in transit and more in our weekly look at the web


1. Limited Edition South African Vellies

Namibia’s Schier Shoes has collaborated with Opening Ceremony to bring a limited run of their handmade vellies stateside. The classic desert boot design has received an extra twist of style for the collaboration, offering patchwork, springbok fur (antelope) and neon accents.

2. Umami Shop

Those who love the rich flavors of LA’s notoriously delicious burger joint can now attempt to recreate the taste at home. Umami Burger‘s founder Adam Fleischman recently set up shop online, peddling his secret sauce along with rubs, sprays and more for Umami fanatics’ cooking pleasure.

3. Keren Richter and Nick Cope for OCLA

Illustrator Keren Richter collaborated with sustainably-minded interiors painter Nick Cope to bring playful design to the walls of Opening Ceremony LA. Their subliminal cityscape motif feature astrological and religious iconography as well as “good ole Wingdings”-inspired shapes.

4. R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury passed away this week, but his message about the importance of books remains as alive as ever. A letter written in 2006 explains his debt to libraries, and how an early version of Farenheit 451 was made possible thanks to a typing room in a UCLA library. Reflecting on the irony of writing a book about book burning while surrounded by letters, Bradbury writes, “All of my friends, all of my loved ones, were on the shelves above and shouted, yelled and shrieked at me to be creative.”


5. Slow Motion Skating

Shot at 1,000 frames per second, Adam Shomsky’s insightful video shows the intricate movements of some of skateboarding’s more unconventional tricks. The beautiful high definition video offers a concrete counter argument to the “it all looks the same” sentiment often voiced by those who don’t skate.

6. The Olympic City

With all eyes focused on what happens during the two weeks of the Olympic Games, Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit turn their lens to the aftermath of the event in a Kickstarter photo project called “The Olympic City“. While the narrative of growth and economic surges has been adopted by popular media, the carnage of money spent and stadiums erected can linger for decades.

7. Kühl Air

Perfect for when you leave town and forget to turn off the AC, Kühl’s tech-friendly air conditioner allows for remote operation via iPhone or computer. The residential system allows you to set a schedule from work, turn it on on your way home or to simply control the climate without getting off the couch.

8. Snap Focus

An easily operated focus puller and shoulder rig, Midas Mount’s Snap Focus gives documentary and Gonzo filmmakers all the tools they need for a one-man camera crew. The setup uses modified bicycle brakes to pull focus and can be finagled to fit most camera types, including DSLRs. Snap Focus is currently on Kickstarter with discounted units available for pre-order.


9. Venus Transit

If you missed Venus’ seven-hour odyssey across the sun on Tuesday, NASA has a high-definition video of the transit, which won’t occur for another 105 years.

10. Chibi Tarot

The ancient practice of the tarot deck is a complex and intimidating art. Somewhat less esoteric, Adam Blodgett’s Chibi Tarot deck offers cute, cartoonish versions of the notorious fortune telling cards.

11. Rare Levi’s Auction

To raise money for the retiree and employee emergency fund at Levi Strauss & Co., the Red Tab Foundation launched an eBay auction featuring 150 rare, limited edition and one-off Levi’s products. From 1920s buckle-back jeans to Rolling Stones’ signed memorabilia, the auction is certain to offer a fix for denim nerds and collectors alike.

12. The Feast Presents: The World’s Fare

Expanding upon their mission to unite creative thinkers working for the betterment of humanity, the Feast Conference is now aiming to create the World’s Fare—hundreds of small dinner parties across the country with a massive final celebration of innovation in New York City.