Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A never-ending road trip, House of Style on MTV, the Olympics and more in our weekly look at the web


1. Olympians: Then and Now

Jen Ullrich showcases his understanding of the human form in his
new series of collages, which combine the athletic
physiques of modern times with photographs of classic Greek statues. The remarkable match-ups are at once amusing and poignant.

2. House of Style

MTV may make up for canceling Total Request Live by rebooting their 1989 hit House of Style this fall. Preparing viewers for the show, MTV will be airing a documentary about the ’90s program on 7 August 2012, followed by the announcement of the new host at the MTV Video Music Awards on 6 September.

3. Road Trip of a Lifetime

German airline exec Gunther Holtorf embarked on a road trip through Africa in 1989 and hasn’t stopped yet. With over 200 countries under his belt, Holtforf continues on the 23-year journey, still driving the same Mercedes Benz G-Wagen named “Otto.”

4. London Hood by Hood

Jetsetter launches “London: Hood by
Hood” exclusively on its iPad app just in time for the Olympic Games. The 32-page destination guide features cultural highlights from six of the city’s best neighborhoods, giving games-goers plenty of ideas for what to do with time spent away from the arena.


5. The 50 Best Buildings in Olympic History

Even bigger than the Olympics hype may be the stadiums that have held the competitions. From the Palacio de los Deportes dome of the 1968 Games in Mexico City to the Zetra Ice Stadium of the 1984 Games in Sarajevo, this round up of The 50 Best Buildings in Olympic History will stir up appreciation among fans of both sport and architecture.

6. We Are Nature

Photographer Christoffer Relander has adopted a new method with his Nikon D-7000. The Finnish artist makes in-camera multiple exposures to create dreamlike images that combine portrait and landscape for his project “We Are Nature.”

7. The New Yorker at The Yale Union

An elegant Portland space that once housed mammoth industrial laundry machines, contemporary art space the Yale Union is honoring “The New Yorker” this summer with a carefully arranged collection of back issues that features some 200 Saul Steinberg drawings and the words of last century’s most iconic journalists.

8. Ibérico Lamp

Alberto Gorgojo melds high design with Andalusian antiquity in a new lamp that reflects both iconic Spanish traditions and a modern installation aesthetic. Built with hooves and all, the incandescent ham hangs upside-down just like its meatier predecessors.