“Call Me By Your Name” Director Tries Interior Design

Call Me By Your Name garnered rave reviews for its acting, directorial qualities and, quite frankly, its completeness. But some of the loveliest moments in the film are anchored by beautiful backdrops and stunning corridors. Director Luca Guadagnino admits that he’d always dreamt of working in interior design—that his sets, with their layered details, were his expression of that dream. Now, he has. “Space is the most important thing that comes to my mind when I analyze things,” Guadagnino says to TThe New York Times Style Magazine. “In cinema, you are an impostor, in a way, because you can always edit afterward and change the story. You cannot do that with a house.” The permanence of it all—and the former uses of the building he worked on, as factories for various products—drew Guadagnino. He knew that with this property “everything important is inside” so his dreams came to fruition under pressure—but, like his films, the home is a layered beauty with  unique subtleties. Read more about the interior at The New York Times.