Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Robotic curtain art, Moog's app, minimalist skateboards and more in our Saturday web special


1. Keith Richards’ “Life”

Rolling Stone has the exclusive on Keith Richards’ forthcoming book, “Life”—a title that seemingly sums up both his simple take on things, as well as his probable inability to remember anything more detailed that a one-word title.

2. Makr Skateboards

Acquire spotted the gorgeous new minimalist skateboard made by the handcrafted accessory gurus at Makr.

3. The Voice Knitter

The clever Berlin-based team at Trikoton enables people to translate their own recorded 60-second clips of sound into a digital pattern. They then knit the custom design into one of several garments for a truly personalized way to dress. Just think of all the subversive or suggestive things you could record onto your sweater and then smirk while wearing it at the office or on a date.

4. R6 Breteles Satchel

The R6 Breteles Satchel elegantly incorporates unexpected colors into the classic shoulder satchel. Sporting five different pockets in a compact and stylish design, it’s definitely worth checking out, exclusively at the Garbstore.


5. MadeMe x Vans

Women’s streetwear line MadeMe does up a
Vans high-top and mid
in black leather (woven and with trademark white crosses respectively), inspired by Madonna and the NYC club scene of the late ’80s and early ’90s.

6. Robotic Curtain

Designer Niklas Roy’s workshop is on street level with a huge window for anyone to peer through. To deter potential peeping toms Roy devised a robotic curtain to track movement and block out voyeurs to maintain his privacy.


Purple Diary explains the concept behind a new collaboration from Tumblr’s David Karp and artist Ryan Trecartin for the upcoming Free exhibition at The New Museum. shows an endless (and addictive) stream of 10-second video clips that can be uploaded anonymously by anybody.

8. Moog iPhone App

Create Digital Music got an exclusive first look at the yet-to-be released Filatron, an iPhone filtering, effects, and sampling app from everyone’s favorite analog synthesizer company, Moog.