Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Classic books for the iPad, custom-colored Leicas, MTV celebrates 30 and more in this week's look at the web


1. Hand iPhone Case

Adding a more human—and distinctly more macabre–element to the iPhone, this creepy case lends a whole new meaning to the term hands-free.

2. ColorWare’s Leica D-Lux 5

Taking an already amazing camera to the next level, for $400 ColorWare will custom paint a Leica D-Lux 5 camera’s seven major parts, making it uniquely yours. The application’s color combinations are so fun, even the Leica-less crowd will be tempted to buy one brand new from ColorWare (for $1,200).

3. Derringer Bespoke Collection

Derringer is producing a series of custom cycles for their Bespoke Collection. Calling out the track racing bikes of the ’20s, these two-wheeled beasts are guaranteed to set you apart.

4. Uniqlo Voices of New York Campaign

To launch Uniqlo’s two new NYC stores, Fast Retailing tapped a cast of locals to help. We’re both honored to be among this group of New Yorkers doing great things and excited for the campaign overall, which includes a pop-up skating rink as well as three other temporary stores throughout Manhattan.


5. MTV 1981

Celebrating 30 years on air, MTV released the footage of their first broadcast on 1 August 1981, along with a slew of other old-school clips from the world’s first music television station.

6. Milestone Marble Bicycle Stand

Keep your bike stored in style with this minimal stand designed in Japan. The blocks are custom-made by Mile to fit your wheels.

7. British Library iPad App

Lovers of the classics have another reason to join the iPad community with the new e-classics app from the British Library. The app’s texts are fully digitized, including illustrations, for a fully immersive reading experience.

8. BMW Electric Cars

Join the debate on whether BMW’s two new plug-in cars will leave fans satisfied or leave them desiring a higher level of luxury customary to the brand.