Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Colette for The Impossible Project, Egypt's election logos, airless tires and more in our look at the web this week



Leave a record of your Instagram addiction with these miniature printouts from, an online service that assembles posters, prints, minibooks, tinybooks and stickers of your favorite phone-cam stills. With some seriously affordable prices, this is a definite win for documenting your mobile adventures.

2. Puncture-Proof Tires

Bridgestone reinvents the wheel with their new airless tire, which provides the same amount of shock absorption as standard tires by working off an intricate resin spoke system.

3. Berg: Little Printer

This charming desktop accessory acts as like an old-school newsfeed, assembling highlights based on information gathered from your mobile devices. By printing out your morning sudoku puzzle and clips from the most relevant articles of the day, Berg keeps you abreast of the digital world on a paper tape readout.

4. Missed

For her final postgrad photography project at the London College of Communications, Californian Andrea DiCenzo composed a collection of cropped portraits from the Missed Connections section of the community site Craigslist. The tightly cropped photos, combined with the text from the ads, creates an interesting, intimate juxtaposition exploring one of the more ambiguous regions of the site.


5. Egypt’s Election Logos

In its first election since Hosni Mubarak was deposed in February, a whopping 77 candidates are on the ballot, each with a logo. The sometimes seemingly non-sequitur graphics range from a soccer ball, dining chair and blender to a motorbike, water fountain, missile, ambulance and just about everything in between, including a pyramid. Perhaps working counter-productively to the goal of clarifying the process for inexperienced democratic voters, the system offers an interesting exercise in branding design.

6. The SX70 Camera and PX680 Film Kit

Colette recently put their spin on the Polaroid SX70 Camera, creating a sleek blue dot pattern on the surface of this limited edition camera. Designed for The Impossible Project, the camera and its matching film hit the Parisian boutique on 5 December in a run of just 50 pieces.

7. AudioBulb

The ultimate two-for-one, the AudioBulb delivers bumping sound and blazing illumination to any room in the house. Screw these bulbs in and you can instantly stream tunes from your Internet-friendly music device. Their super low profile provides a great way to impress and confuse your neighbors.

8. 4moms Origami Stroller

Whether you’re a clueless new parent who truly can’t figure out how to fold up the damn thing or a childless web-surfer who can appreciate the truly nifty inventions among us, the aptly-named Origami Stroller by 4moms is worth a look. In the demo video we witness the future incarnate—an $849 trendy designer baby stroller that instantly folds into itself with the tap of a button.