Miami Art Week 2015: Louis Vuitton’s “Objets Nomades”

An exhibition of leather homewares and exotic florals in the city's Design District

In Milan, earlier this year, we witnessed Louis Vuitton’s transformative presentation of their “Objets Nomades” collection—leather homeware pieces designed in collaboration with some of the best established and emerging designers. Now, in conjunction with Miami Art Week 2015, the brand unveiled an exclusive new piece by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, as well as an immersive exhibition by floral events designer Ron Wendt that showcases the essence of “Objets Nomades.” From Wanders’ foldable lounge chair to the transportive environment everything is housed within, Louis Vuitton once again anchors the ever-popular Design District with a concept-based exhibition extending beyond commerce and into the world of art.

Ten designers have now collaborated with Louis Vuitton for the 17 piece collection, including the Campana Brothers, Marten Baas and now Wanders. At the core of all the items is the notion of the nomadic; the ability to travel far with ease and luxury. From swinging chairs to hammocks, stools and more (all composed in Vuitton leather) there’s a hint of something exotic. Wanders furthers this by employing a brilliant turquoise leather for one iteration of his foldable chair (the other iteration is in traditional tan), which draws its inspiration from the ocean. The chair unfurls into a relaxed-looking, wave-like recliner—an ideal pairing of form and function. Other pieces blossom like flowers or swing like a cocoon in the wind.

The presentation is Wendt’s Miami Art Week debut, for which he utilized an array of tropical plants. He shares with CH, “We created these organic-shaped islands within the third floor of the Design District store. It’s a space dedicated to these pieces, with enchanting elements inspired by the exotic botanical world.” Wendt sourced all the plants from the Miami area, including everything from banana trees to palms and ferns. He took his inspiration directly from the collection and follows in the footsteps of their Milan presentation. “The collection and exhibition embrace the natural world, the exotic world and the world of travel,” he continues. “Everything looks back to nature.” And from eight-foot-tall set-ups to little aisles of flowers that are just 18 inches high, it’s a lush wonderland for an inspiring collection.

The “Objets Nomades” exhibition is open to the public from 3 December 2015 through 10 February 2016, at the Louis Vuitton Design District Store, 140 NE 39th Street, Miami.

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton