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Studio Luca Guadagnino’s Exquisite “Accanto al fuoco/By the fire” Installation for Milan Design Week 2022

Two textured living rooms converge for the acclaimed Italian filmmaker and interior designer’s exhibition

Amidst the palatial spectacles and technicolor surprises of this year’s Milan Design Week, Studio Luca Guadagnino (SLG) quietly enchanted all who entered their exhibition Accanto al fuoco/By the fire. Founded by interior architect and beloved filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, SLG presented this design week debut in the gallery space of the design firm Spazia RT, across  two interwoven living rooms. Within, mesmerizing geometries formed from in-house developed wood paneling paired perfectly with luscious textiles to encapsulate the entire space. Two custom carpets crafted in collaboration with La Manufacture Cogolin parceled the interior, which Guadagnino peppered with exquisite objects.

To step inside was to be transported into a vision of warmth and imagination. Opposite one another, two SLG-developed fireplaces acted as focal points: one crafted from a handsome grey stone, the other from pastel-colored ceramic. Guadagnino is no stranger to evocative and emotional design, whether that’s in scenes from his masterpiece I Am Love (filmed not far from the installation at Milan’s Villa Necchi Campiglio), in retail stories for Aesop in London and Rome, or his own apartment in a 17th century palazzo in Crema. With the adjacent spaces in Accanto al fuoco/By the fire, Guadagnino demonstrates his understanding that one fixture or furnishing can alter the mood of an entire environment.

Images courtesy of Studio Luca Guadagnino


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