Lumitecture: Illuminating Interiors For Designers + Architects

Anna Yudina's visual survey of the most interesting lighting from around the globe

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Lumitecture,” a new book from Thames & Hudson, functions like an admission ticket to some of the most visually stunning lighting set-ups around the world. Author Anna Yudina not only pursues the question, “What is light?” but also offers insight on 200 projects that demonstrate its transformative power. Equal parts educational and inspirational, Yudina’s book delves into the work of Paul Cocksedge, Olafur Eliasson, Troika, Takeshi Hosaka and more. Designers, artists and even technologies all receive attention—supported by 400 color images.

Yudina organized the book around three sections. First, there’s light as it transforms space. Second, Yudina addresses lighting that alters one’s perception of time. Finally, the author taps into light’s power over emotion. Within each section, sub-categories like “color power” and materialization, daylight and contrast, all factor in. The work is comprehensive and up-to-date but its most powerful attribute is the revelation of light’s true potential.

Lumitecture” is available for pre-order now for $50.

Images by Cool Hunting