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Made in Peckham

Hendzel+Hunt reclaim South London scraps for a well-crafted furniture collection


Secluded in its own room during Designersblock this year was Made in Peckham, a project devised by London-based design studio Hendzel+Hunt.

Specifically conceived with sustainability in mind, the team made the entire range from locally-sourced materials, such as discarded palettes and leftover scraps from the streets, yards and workshops in the Peckham area of South London. Designers Jan Hendzel and Oscar Hunt, who specialize in bespoke cabinets and furniture, then upcycled the rough materials.

While it’s easy to read the project as yet another marketing move under the sustainable banner, the undertaking bests the appalling design and construction of other green-washed projects, putting it more in league with the efforts and intentions of genuine sustainable leaders in design like Piet Hein Eek and his Scarpwood work or Wharfside.


Made in Peckham feels honest in its execution. Hendzel cites his “zeal for materials, design and manufacturing techniques,” as inspiration for his refined approach. They even invite clients to visit their workshop to see the level of craftsmanship and passion that goes into creating each piece of furniture.


The pair have kept the materials nice and raw for the Made In Peckam collection. The wood is certainly not untouched, with great detailing and an intelligent use of the natural pattern from the grain. Further distancing the pieces from others of a similar approach, Hendzel+Hunt have held true to the traditions of cabinet-making throughout the construction, with each piece held together without any metal fixings.


While the company itself has only been in existence for a short time, the duo have already scored some major press thanks to a table they created for The Shop at Bluebird, a conceptual fashion and housewares store on Kings Road. They also stood out from the London Design Festival crowd with their subtle showcase of the things which make design one of the keys in protecting our environment, while not taking advantage of the consumer.


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