Makers Mondays: Earthy Furnishings

Four copper and wooden decor that help make a house (or apartment) a home

Brought to you by Shinola


As part of our ongoing support of Detroit-based manufacturer Shinola’s Makers Monday initiative (which encourages purchasing American-made products to help create and keep jobs in the United States) we have picked some stunning products that help make a house (or apartment) a home. Throughout the Makers Monday series, we’ve highlighted and looked back at several brands that make top quality products in the States—from durable, functional gear for adventures in the outdoors and luggage for hitting the road, as well as items that help perfect a treat-yourself night in. Here we have four American-made home decor pieces—made from wood and copper—that are not only functional, but also full of good vibes.



New York’s Surname Goods is a Queens-based outfit producing plenty of remarkable household wares, and their Scout Tall Stool is a sure standout. At first glance, it’s a simple, classic pine stool—but look closer to see the base is subtly comprised of copper. That hand-mitered copper not only bolsters the legs, but also functions as a foot rest. Again, a happy collision of function and aesthetics from a studio that uses reclaimed wood sourced in NYC and upstate New York.

Fern-choppinboard-01.jpg Fern-choppinboard-02.jpg

Fern’s Amoeba Cutting Boards are exactly the kind of everyday item made special under their eye. The company (founded in Brooklyn, now based in New York’s Hudson Valley) aims to make heirloom objects, and these cutting boards are certainly that. Made from locally sourced trees and American hardwoods, the boards are crafted from a single slab and inspired by the specific piece of timber chosen. Each one is, therefore, entirely unique and a charming story all its own.

LayerxLayer-clamp-01.jpg LayerxLayer-clamp-02.jpg
Layer x Layer

Made in NYC and constructed from American wood (USA-grown Poplar and Maple), Layer x Layer’s Indigo Clamp is functional without sacrificing aesthetics. Designed as an organizational tool that holds excess desk clutter, it’s a useful product—dip-dyed in natural indigo—that treads a clever line between an industrial tool and and ornamental decor.


Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

Warm lighting can help fill any space with a positive atmosphere. And—spotted some time ago at 2013’s Noho Next—the Aura Lamps from Seattle’s Ladies and Gentlemen Studio’s do just that. These gorgeous brass and copper glowing lamps emit a halo-like light that is entirely captivating. And while the light is one thing, the lamp is a sculptural work of art in and of itself.

Image of Aura Lamp by Karen Day, all others courtesy of respective brands