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Holger Schubert Maserati Garage


A beautiful car deserves a beautiful garage, and Holger Schubert’s minimalist 1200-square-foot carport for Maserati's Design Driven competition is exactly that.

Overlooking western Los Angeles, Schubert's winning design has a setting more akin to an art gallery than a garage. Accessed by a separate driveway bridge, the sustainable structure allows the car to remain the focal point of the airy elevated garage.

The white walls are insulated with natural cotton fiber, hosting large windows that allow for maximum daylight while the twilight hours offer the perfect setting for the car’s image to reflect on the walls. Electric screens are used on exterior walls for climate control purposes along with 47 solar panels on the roof. Boasting a small kitchen, library and living area, when housing a Maserati the garage becomes the epitome of luxury.


Schubert’s garage will be featured in the October issue of Architectural Digest, along with Chris Altman’s conceptual design, in which limestone and a reflection pool are used to highlight the car’s beauty. All 125 entries are viewable at Design Driven.


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