Massimo Vignelli’s Signed 2012 NYC Subway Diagram

The celebrated graphic designer's illustrious map for the MTA is now available as a poster print


Less than one year ago, the world lost one of its most important creative minds with the passing of Massimo Vignelli. The celebrated graphic designer bestowed upon us a great number of now-iconic designs, though perhaps none more visibly lasting than his 1972 MTA New York City Transit subway map. To celebrate the legacy he left behind, one that will surely continue to inspire for generations to come, a limited-run poster of Vignelli’s updated 2012 New York City Subway Diagram has been released by SuperWarmRed Designs, founded by Beatriz Cifuentes and Yoshiki Waterhouse who worked alongside Vignelli for his final 15 years.


Revised to reflect the current subway system, colors and nomenclature, the 2012 edition by Vignelli Associates sees the once-beige water surrounding Manhattan adjusted to blue and nearly all geographic references dropped from the map. The Modernist masterpiece of a map is now available in 36″ x 45″ poster form, with approximately 250 hand-signed by Vignelli himself, as well as by his former associates Cifuentes and Waterhouse who are co-credited with the design. Each poster is printed in vivid Pantone and Hexachrome inks on acid-free archival paper.

The future relic is slated to become part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection this spring, but design fans can purchase the poster now from SuperWarmRed Designs for $300, or $1,200 for the signed edition. The wonderful diagram can also be used digitally, thanks to the MTA’s weekender website and app.

Images courtesy of SuperWarmRed