MINI The Book


MINI The Book is a look at history through the eyes of the Mini Cooper since its iconic birth in 1959.

Since its creation the Mini has inspired generations with its practicality, sensibility and personality. The passion generated by its owners and admirers is rare for any brand or object, let alone an automobile. This book is a comprehensive look at the car, the brand and the people who created it and who admire it.

Mini commissioned photographers (including Jay FC, Olaf Heine and the Sanchez Brothers) to create works celebrating the Mini. Paul Smith and Mary Quant, both long time Mini owners and fans, explain how the Mini was a reflection of popular culture, how it impacted their work, and why they created their own special editions of the car.

We also get a behind-the-scenes look at the people who designed the car, and its iconic marketing efforts are also chronicled.

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