Objeckt Creative’s FORM + MATTER Mobile Skincare Lab

A beautiful in-store product testing platform

There’s a beautiful piece of design work housed within Californian skincare brand FORM + MATTER‘s partner stores: SocialStudies. It’s a mobile testing laboratory—designed to engage customers, and envisioned by their Berkeley-based parent-company Objeckt Creative. In essence, a shop within a shop, this riff on a classic wooden A-frame structure does more than offer a minimalist, usable presentation of product; its core design DNA matches that of the brand it actively houses. On top of that, it’s a flat-pack design, lending an additional edge regarding storage and mobility.

“Our goal was to rethink the shop in shop: to design a retail experience which engaged the skincare customer and brought them into the creation process,” Shawn Weiland, the Creative Director of Objeckt (and founder of FORM + MATTER), explains to CH. Among the notable features of the display, a large glass vessel filled with Japanese charcoal sticks and naturally filtered water encourages visitors to get their hands wet and try the all-natural Californian skin products. “We wanted to celebrate the importance of water in our lives, especially for cleansing our bodies. Water is something that we all take for granted… So we decided that we would celebrate it and show how important and precious it is,” Weiland says.

Beautiful, functional design aside, Objeckt Creative’s work serves a direct purpose: to let people experience FORM + MATTER. With that in mind, we tried a sampling of the organic, botanical-based products from the brand—all of which are unisex. The rosemary, lavender and lemongrass Fresh Face Cleanser (with a coconut oil base) thoroughly cleans without over-stripping the skin of moisture. Composed with the same herbal ingredients, the Fresh Face Moisturizer and Toner deliver a very refreshing, not too thick or strong experience. It’s their Hydrating Face Mist, however, that impresses the most. A few quick spritzes not only revitalize the skin, but also offer up SPF 30 sun protection.

Test out FORM + MATTER products at the Objeckt Creative mobile station at SocialStudies, or buy their products through the FORM + MATTER webshop.

Mobile skincare lab images courtesy of Objeckt Creative, product images by Cool Hunting