Ogata Soft Furniture


Spied recently at the popular Brooklyn Flea Market in New York, veteran Japanese interior designer Kin ichi Ogata impresses audiences around the globe with his handmade "soft" wood furniture.

Together with his younger brother Hisashi, they create the pieces from oak and pine, assembling individual pieces into flexible grids. Set atop iron bases, the sturdy design makes for seating that adapts to the individual's body, providing a more ergonomic alternative to standard wood furniture.


Featuring a lacquered finish and sturdy brass fittings, the uniquely-crafted soft furniture offers comfort while lending an old-world splendor-meets-modern look.

The soft collection as well as other Ogata furniture can be found at their atelier in Japan, as well as the unit523ny showroom in Brooklyn, NY. Prices span $850-5,000.