A new crowd-sourced portal to architecture's greatest achievements and newest additions


The just-launched OpenBuildings online database organizes architecture’s finest examples from around the globe in an effort to share info and highlight stunning developments. Multiple methods of navigating the buildings—as a grid, list, slideshow or Google Maps overlay—allow for individualized browsing of the user-driven site, and a forthcoming iPhone app will make it easy to tour architecture on-the-go.


Already 2,000 buildings strong, co-founder Tom Mallory hopes the architectural community will play an instrumental role in building “an all-encompassing informational resource” for everyone from professionals to tourists. The wiki allows users to edit, add or delete items for a democratic (though remarkably thorough) look at architecture around the world. Register at the OpenBuildings site to submit a building or to just check out many of the amazing architectural feats already listed.


Coming soon, the free OpenBuilding iPhone app called simply “Buildings” prompts self-guided architecture tours to make it even more convenient to learn about our built world.