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Ivory Coast Artist O’Plérou Grebet’s Africa-Centric Emojis

21-year-old Ivory Coast-based O’Plérou Grebet noticed a lack of applicable emojis for many Africans to use in everyday instant messaging and did something about it. Grebet’s emoji library Zouzoukwa (meaning “picture” in his first language Bété) includes 200+ images from food to furniture, facial reactions, tools, and more. “I love it because it’s exactly why my project is useful to an African, it fills a hole in digital communication. When we talk to our friends using instant messaging, there are local expressions we want to use but can’t because they are not there,” he tells It’s Nice That. “With all the negative images of Africa in the media, it’s easy to reduce [the continent] to its bad sides only… but we have to tell another story and this is my contribution.” Zouzoukwa is available at the Play and App Store. Read more at It’s Nice That.

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