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Herman Miller + Industrial Facility’s Formwork Stackable System

The brilliant Industrial Facility partners with the furniture magnate for a modular set of desk accessories

Of the numerous intuitive designs shown at Industrial Facility‘s Shoreditch pop-up during the 2013 London Design Festival, the prototypes for Formwork—multipurpose desk accessories—stood out for their novel appeal. Renowned Industrial Facility designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin created the range of organizers from durable, ABS plastic with a non-slip Silicone base, allowing each form to fall into place with other matching pieces (among them cups, trays and boxes). Nearly a year later, the complete collection is now available thanks to production partner Herman Miller, and the nuances built within the simple design make it an attractive organizational option.


The six-piece modular Formwork system offers a myriad of specific options for your clutter—each designed with a focus on everyday objects and frequency of use. Some of the pieces are cantilevered for additional visibility and accessibility; the pencil cup has a ledge for a memory stick, while the stacking trays can be arranged (and rearranged) so that daily-use items are easy to access and less-needed items (like paper) are tucked away.

formwork-industrial-facility-1.jpg formwork-industrial-facility-2.jpg

All the products within the range pair snuggly with the other pieces, yielding a uniform collection of order. Extremely handy and boasting a charming playfulness, the Formwork products make natural sense on a desk but they’re all clever and versatile enough to use anywhere that needs a little organizing.


Formwork items are available at Industrial Facility’s online shop,
Retail Facility or through Herman Miller, with prices ranging from $19-55.

Images courtesy of Industrial Facility


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