Panos Tsagaris


Panos Tsagaris uses the projection of light and geometric angles to create mystical images and photographs. Hailing from Athens, Greece but working and residing New York, Tsagaris recently collaborated with Kimberley Norcott, creating works that play with the ideas of emerging light, the human perception of eternity and the symbolism of the sun. While the images speak to a sense of time and inspiration, Tsagaris states, his works intends to "selflessly capture and reflect the divine spark that exists in the soul of each one of us."

Currently, you can see Tsagaris' photographic installation with Norcott in a group show called "Down Below It's Chaos" at 50 Eldridge Space in NYC. In addition, Tsagaris will hold a solo exhibition at the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, June 2010, followed by an exhibition at the Galerie Davide Gallo in Berlin in the fall of that year.

For more information visit Panos Tsagaris's blog In Search of Light. And for more images and an interview, visit Yatzer.