Paper Nipple Tassles

Artist Bert Gilbert's crafty take on a titillating accessory


London-based multidisciplinary artist Bert Gilbert marries DIY with a touch of S&M to create Paper Nipple Tassles—a crafty take on the ubiquitous burlesque accessory. Promising “more fun than you thought possible with paper,” the simple cut-outs are clearly aimed at adding amusement to all kinds of creative activities. Simply cut along the dotted line, apply some “tit tape” and you’re ready for a little lighthearted action.


The Central St. Martins grad originally made the tassels as part of a paper party pack for London’s luxury lingerie shop Coco de Mer, which commissioned Gilbert for her unique tongue-in-cheek outlook on subversive design—a perspective that has garnered her clients spanning Marilyn Manson to Vans. Whether creating products or working in illustration or conceptual art, Gilbert successfully reinvents the traditional with a thoughtfully playful spin on modern design.

Available in five different styles, the Paper Nipple Tassles sell online and in store from London’s Luna & Curious shop, as well as from Gilbert’s own online shop Bert Industries for around £8 a set.