Parkhaus Suit for 100 Classics


Parkhaus, the Berlin-based producer of felt accessories, stumbled upon a winning concept with its Suit for 100 Classics, an expanding collection of custom felt seat pads for iconic chairs. Arguably, a well-thought design doesn't need any augmentations. However, it's a sad fact that some of the most iconic chairs from the past century can be uncomfortable.


Take the designs pictured, pads for which are already part of Parkhaus' evolving suite. The classic Navy chair by Emeco (an update by Starck, above left), while notoriously indestructible, is both cold and unforgiving. Jasper Morrison's Ply Chair (above right) is exemplary of the designer's super normal approach, but the chair is also super hard on one's rear. Starck's La Marie Chair (right), the world's first completely transparent chair, features a planar seat and pinched edges. While beautiful it's painful to use for any length of time. The addition of a little cushion might make all the difference between an enjoyable meal and one of numbing annoyance.

Parkhaus seat pads are available in 20 colors and two versions—a 5 mm woolfelt pad or a 16 mm layered pad (3 mm woolfelt sandwiched around a 10 mm foam inlet) for extra cushioning. Now if they'd only produce one for my Hans Wegner Wishbone chair.

View the collection to date at Parkhaus.

via Daily Tonic