Perfect Picture Wall

From the Picture Wall Company comes sweet relief for one of the most frustrating tasks in interior design– picture hanging. Their "Perfect Picture Wall" is a time-saving cheat that promises to spare a lot of the blood, sweat and tears involved in the traditional trial-and-error method.

The system includes ten picture frames (in the finish of your choice) as well as a template for arranging them. Once you have the simple, one-sheet template level to the ground, it adheres to the wall and directs you where to hammer in the (provided) nails. No measurement whatsoever is required; just fill and hang the frames, and you've got a wall of neatly arranged photographs in minutes. The frames boast crystal-clear plexiglass for safety, in case one should fall, and the set includes everything you need except the hammer. It's available from Picture Wall for $349, which includes shipping.