Hang and Level

Art hanging made simple with an all-in-one device


Unless you’re after a “Beetlejuice” decor scheme, you’ve probably at one point struggled with hanging a picture on a crooked wall or with awkward tools. Combining a level and marking device in one, the same company that brought you the Stoppy (Under the Roof Decorating) came up with the Hang and Level to take the guesswork out of picture hanging.

Where most hanging tools don’t pinpoint the placement of the nail, this one marks the exact spot with just the push of a button, works with all types of hanging hardware and supports decor weighing up to 20 pounds. Once in place, two separate levels align your De Kooning (or what have you) vertically or horizontally. Easy to hold and to use, it makes a commonly frustrating process much more manageable.

Pick it up for $20 from Under the Roof’s online store.