Typified’s Weather Poster

Using "smart ink," this oak-framed piece displays the forecast in real-time

Offering a little more design inspiration and cheer than apps and newspaper listings, Typified‘s Weather Poster (currently funding on Kickstarter) offers forecast updates in real-time. Equal parts art and pragmatism, this smart American oak-framed poster displays forecast updates daily—at 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, and again at 8PM. The updates occur as a tiny computer inside the piece stimulates the ink from within, resulting in a change on the display.

“‘Smart Ink’ is an ink that can change its color in response to a certain stimulus,” the start-up’s founder Olli Woods explains to us. “They have historically been limited to use in novelty alcohol or food packaging, but there are several different activation types. The Weather Poster’s smart ink is activated by an increase in temperature, and changes color at around 27 degrees Fahrenheit above room temperature. The components within the frame warm up small pockets of space behind the icons on the print which need to be activated.”

All the poster needs to operate is a wall outlet and WiFi. From there, it will provide real-time weather reports up to 12 hours out. Even better, there’s no distracting light emanating from it, so users can notch their screen-free time up a few moments each day. The Weather Poster’s “sole purpose is to show you the weather forecast,” Wood concludes. “It doesn’t care about ways of increasing time on site or engagement metrics like that of a mobile app.”

The Typified Weather Poster is available to back on Kickstarter now, with an early bird pledge starting at $120.

Images courtesy of Typified